CFI Services

The CFI is Haiti's national investment promotion agency. It works to attract investments that contribute to the development of the country, diversify the economy, strengthen supply chains, and generate jobs. The CFI ́s main mandate is helping potential investors find and take advantage of opportunities in Haiti.

The CFI actively supports investors during all stages of their investment decision-making process. Its dedicated, skilled and professional staff is available to deliver specialized services including:

  • Supplying general and customized reports on investment opportunities in Haiti, as well as information relating to the relevant legal and regulatory frameworks and processes
  • Facilitating visits to Haiti by potential investors and arranging suitable meetings, including with government agencies and organizations in Haiti that could support the investment process
  • Facilitating identification of suitable sites for a proposed investment project
  • Helping to ensure smooth entry and establishment of an investment project, including providing information and assistance with acquiring permits and licenses, as well as with business registration processes
  • Providing information on relevant Haiti-based consulting services and suppliers
  • Offering aftercare services to established investors to support a smooth business operating environment as well as reinvestment and development plans in Haiti
  • Supporting investors seeking to benefit from Haiti’s fiscal incentives regime